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CMID Project: Ngaio Cottage - Part Three

The bathroom from the Ngaio project. Photo by Bonny Beattie.

Welcome to the third and final chapter of the Ngaio cottage trilogy. Today we look at what is a quite dramatic visual and structural transformation. The setting is the bathroom and laundry. Prior to the extensive renovation, this part of the house was cramped and frankly not easy on the eye. I needed to make it far more functional, cohesive and spacious, while not forgetting that importance of it looking good. Given that these spaces are frequently and rigorously used by the whole family on a daily basis, it was important that to get it right. The 'before and after' photos really speak for themselves in terms of the degree of change that had to happen.

Laundry and bathroom - before

Laundry and bathroom - after

To take a closer look, we removed walls to take the three separate rooms down to two. We placed two new windows in the bathroom for more natural light. By creating a larger bathroom, we were able to include a generous walk in shower and a back-to-wall freestanding bath. Half height grooved wall panels were applied in the bathroom and I continued the same joinery details from the kitchen to the laundry joinery and bathroom vanity. We also used the same beveled white gloss tile in all rooms. To round it off, we sourced the lovely traditional style bathroom plumbing from In Residence in Auckland to give the bathroom a true cottage feel. 

All 'after' photographs by Bonny Beattie


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